What motivates student philanthropy?

That’s the question asked in a recent blog post by third-year pharmacy student Vindya Perera, M.P.H., and Liz Fredrickson, Pharm.D., assistant professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice. The blog, titled “Paying it forward: Fostering a culture of philanthropy among pharmacy students,” was published recently by Pulses, a scholarly blog supported by Currents in Pharmacy Teaching & Learning.

Institutions, including colleges of pharmacy, often rely on financial support from alumni to ensure the success of programs. According to the blog, “In other areas of higher education, student engagement in philanthropy is a strong predictor of giving as alumni… Rather than wait until after students graduate to promote the importance of philanthropy, institutions may benefit from implementing strategies that foster a culture of giving among current students.”

Taking steps toward a culture of giving

The authors suggest that student philanthropy can be encouraged through educational programming focused on the importance and impact of giving; involvement of student leaders as ambassadors; and partnership with alumni as mentors and role models. Students can also be encouraged to engage by contributing time and talent through service, teaching and other volunteer opportunities.

“Within pharmacy education, more information is needed to determine factors that correlate with student giving and student perceptions of philanthropy and volunteerism and best practices to engage and educate students on philanthropy,” Perera and Fredrickson write.

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Philanthropy is one more area where students can make an impact as transformational leaders.

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