A Reflection by John Y. L. Chiang, Ph.D.

John Y.L. Chiang, Ph.D., FAASLD, emeritus professor and NEOMED’s first Distinguished University Professor, spent the majority of his career at NEOMED as a researcher and faculty member from 1978 until his retirement in 2022.

Dr. Chiang recently reflected on his career and life’s work in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. In the article, titled “My lifelong dedication to bile acid research,” he shares 12 lessons he learned along the way, including L12: being a big fish in a small pond may have some advantages over being a small fish in a bigger pond.

He writes:

Throughout my career, people asked me why I spent my entire academic life at NEOMED, and why I did not move to a larger and more prestigious research institution. My answer was because NEOMED provided me with an environment that I felt comfortable with to do my research without interruption. I did have an opportunity to move to a famous medical school 20 years ago but decided to stay at NEOMED so my research would not be interrupted by moving.

Read “My lifelong dedication to bile acid research”



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