Adrenaline Club Provides Food for Local Schools

Students in the Adrenaline Club teamed up with the Ben Curtis Family Foundation, a local organization dedicated to alleviating childhood hunger, on Tuesday, April 16, to supply food for more than 900 children around Kent, Ohio.

The Birdie Bag program sends foods home with underprivileged students over 10 long holiday weekends throughout the school year. (Its name is a golf reference, in keeping with the 2003 British Open champion golfer for whom the Ben Curtis Family Foundation is named.) The program currently serves all six schools in the Kent area: Holden Elementary, Longcoy Elementary, Davey Elementary, Walls Elementary, Stanton Middle School and Theodore Roosevelt High School.

Many of the children in that district are dependent on their school to provide them their only meals. Without food from the Birdie Bag program, holiday weekends can be particularly difficult to navigate.

— Vincent Serapiglia, a first-year College of Medicine student, contributed this article.

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