An Award-Winning Innovation Day

NEOMED was well represented at Innovation Day, hosted by Kent State University's Design and Innovation Hub on March 24. The event, which featured presentations from five of Northeast Ohio's public universities, drew an impressive crowd of 240 attendees.

Our students earned three of the six awards for poster sessions during the program.

Pratyusha Ghanta (above), a Ph.D. student in the laboratory of Moses Oyewumi, Ph.D., was awarded first-place honors among posters for her presentation, titled “Fabrication of Thermoresponsive Hydrogels Loaded with Metallo-Drugs to Combat Resorptive Disorders.” Ghanta is a graduate student in the joint Biomedical Sciences degree program with KSU and is working on her dissertation research at NEOMED.

Scott Everett, a third-year student in the College of Medicine, took the second-place award for his presentation, titled “Design, Development and Validation of an Affordable Infant Radiant Warmer for Low Resource Setting.” 

Trinity Samson, an Ph.D./M.D. student, received an honorable mention award for her presentation, titled “Minimally Invasive Cable Grip System.”

“The event went extremely well,” said Rebecca German, Ph.D., vice president for research, who presented on the innovation enterprise at NEOMED and covered all educational and research programs under that fall under the “Innovation” umbrella, including the REDIzone and the comparative medicine unit.

Research leaders

Dr. German, together with the vice presidents for research of the other four universities, participated in Innovation Day’s closing panel discussion. The five research leaders meet regularly as the Northeast Ohio Public Universities Research Alliance (NEOPURA) to discuss issues of common interest and concern.

Fayez Safadi, Ph.D., professor of anatomy and neurobiology and Ohio research scholar, and post-doctoral fellow Hope Ball, Ph.D., were part of the Innovation Day planning committee. Dr. Safadi was also a session speaker for the event, discussing NEOMED’s innovation ecosystem including education, research, technology development and commercialization. He also mentored several for the student NEOMED attendees.

The following students presented posters during the event:

Basic and Translational Biomedicine Program

Alexander Powell (M.S. student)

Gabrielle Robinson (Ph.D. student)

Trinity Samson (Ph.D./M.D. student)

Ernesto Solorzano Zepeda (Ph.D. candidate)

Morgan Sperling (M.S. student)


College of Medicine

Alice Dalo (M3)

Scott Everett (M3)

Parker Kim (M3)


Joint KSU Biomedical Science Program

Pratyusha Ghanta (Ph.D. candidate).


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