Angela Dash Receives Greater Calling

NEOMED’s Ombuds, Angela E. Dash, Ph.D., will be leaving NEOMED as an employee (see announcement from the President’s office). She will be joining FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) as a Reservist Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Advisor. While she loves NEOMED, this greater calling is an opportunity of a lifetime, which, by the way, also allows her to continue to work with NEOMED as an independent contractor.

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Dr. Dash tells us more in a Q&A with The Pulse:

The Pulse: What will you be doing?

Dr. Dash: I will be providing intermittent (on-call) professional conflict prevention and resolution services to FEMA employees. I will help them foster collaborative and effective disaster operations to support the primary mission of aiding disaster survivors.  

TP: What types of services?

DD: Much like the services I provide to the NEOMED community, I will be providing confidential one-on-one consultation, coaching and troubleshooting assistance; support for difficult conversations, group and meeting facilitation, teambuilding and training; and mediation, large group participation processes, and assistance to managers seeking to identify sources of problems and inefficiencies.

TP: Apparently, you’re not the first in your family to serve as a FEMA reservist?

DD: My father, after his first retirement, began serving with FEMA immediately following Hurricane Katrina. He served through FEMA’s Individual Assistance program―ensuring that individuals and families affected by disasters have access to the full range of FEMA programs and information in a timely manner. He started off as a reservist and loved the mission so much that he began working full-time with FEMA out of their Atlanta Region IV office.

TP: So, let’s talk about your role at NEOMED. Since you will still be serving as our Ombuds, how will your services differ as an independent contractor instead of being a NEOMED employee?

DD: The only thing that’s really different is that I will no longer have an office on campus. But my Ombuds services will not change. With the goal of aiding in the effective and timely management of issues, concerns and disputes, I will continue to serve as an independent, informal, confidential and neutral alternative dispute resolution resource for all students, faculty and staff.

TP: In the past, you’ve provided special services to various NEOMED groups, departments and Colleges, such as group facilitation and coaching, training delivery, orientation presentations and committee consultations. Can we continue to request this of you?

DD: Yes, you can. In addition, when these special services are scheduled, and they require on-campus visits, I will arrange to come to campus.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­TP: Will individual areas have to incur the cost when such special services are requested by them?

DD: No, there will be no cost to the requesting group, department or College as a result of these requests or services; nor will there be a cost to any individual student, staff or faculty member for one-on-one assistance provided.

TP: Are there other times when you plan to be on campus?

DD: I will continue to engage in on-campus outreach and education activities throughout the year. Examples include: the annual picnic, National Conflict Resolution Day, all-campus workshops, new student orientations, new employee orientations, and Lunch with the Ombuds.

TP: Since you will no longer be a NEOMED employee nor have an on-campus office, how will we communicate with you?

DD: Beginning the close of business on March 15th, my NEOMED email address and “office” phone number will no longer be active, so please note the following:

  • Send emails to
  • My mobile number remains the same at 330.281.0339.
  • When seeking to meet with me regarding issues of concern, scheduling an appointment is encouraged (but not required).
  • As currently offered, I will continue to be available for “visitor” appointments during daytime, evening and nighttime hours, as well as weekdays and weekends.
  • Individuals will have the opportunity to choose to meet with me via phone or videoconference and will be asked their preference at the time of scheduling.
  • NEOMED’s website will continue to highlight the services provided by me. Beginning next month, there will also be a link on the site to my external web-based scheduling system, which allows individuals to see my meeting availability and schedule a meeting.


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