Anhui Medical University Visitors Reflect, Part III: Professor Xuefeng Xie

Reflective thinking is the NEOMED way. The comments below are a reflection by Xuefeng Xie (pictured in the center in feature photo), an epidemiology professor at Anhui (pronounced On-Qway) Medical University in Hefei, China, who has spent the 2017-18 academic year at NEOMED enrolled in the University’s Fellowship in Academic Medicine (FAME) program, a professional development program designed for health professions educations and administrative leaders.

Based on this successful meeting, we hope we can get a deeper cooperation, expanding the communication on the development of scientific research and teaching and many other relevant fields. We’re very appreciated all the arrangements that NEOMED did for the exchange students and faculties.

So far, clinical pharmacy is still in its infancy in China. Thanks to this program, it not only provides a great support for clinical pharmacy education in Anhui Medical University, which bring benefits of advancing student knowledge, broadening vision and enhancing teachers’ teaching ability, but also promote the development of the entire clinical pharmacy discipline in Anhui province.

Six students from Anhui also spent the 2017-18 academic year in an educational exchange between Anhui Medical University and NEOMED’s College of Pharmacy.


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