Anhui Students On Their Way

拜拜啦! (bài bài la): Bye bye! Chris (Hao Wu), Alan (Xuechao Huang), Grace (Huijie Fu), Molly (Xiaoquian Lu), Jodie Dillner (operations coordinator, College of Pharmacy), Wang (Yiwei Wang), Sophie (Yang Liu), and Clark (Qi Sun).

Over the 2016-17 year, NEOMED’s campus has been home to seven Chinese students on an educational exchange between Anhui Medical University in Hefei, China and NEOMED’s College of Pharmacy. The students took American names during their stay: Clark, Alan, Chris, Molly, Grace, Wang and Sophie.

While here, the students followed the class schedule of first-year pharmacy students—and also did a fair amount of sightseeing, as seen in their photo posts in The Pulse. Shortly after returning to China, Sophie sent these photos and thoughts about what her time here meant to her.

The time flies quickly. We just finished our experience at NEOMED. During this period, we met lots of fantastic things and people. Some wonderful cities had our footsteps; some place had our laughter left. We enjoyed time here with friends.

When the moment came, we must leave, but with good memories to start the next journey.

After packing all of our stuff, we went to Los Angeles for almost a week, during which we would also visit Las Vegas and Grand Canyon National Park. We had a great time at Universal Studios, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Little Tokyo, Koreatown, Griffith Observatory and Santa Monica beach. When we arrived at the Grand Canyon, it was a pity that the weather was not good and we hardly saw anything. But this may give us a thought to visit there again one day.

This year is our fourth school year. After going back to China, two of us will continue their study in our university, since their major is a five-year clinical pharmacy program. Five of us will graduate in June. Some want to go back to the U.S. for further study, some are preparing for graduation entrance exams and others are going to find jobs. No matter what we choose to do next, I believe the eight months in NEOMED has made a deep influence on our lives and view of this world. We appreciate all of its fine people and things. It was precious, unique and worthwhile, and we will take what we learned back to our homeland and share with others. Thank you all again.

And remember: When a chance appears, just hold it. You can never imagine what step you might take next.

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