Apply to Speak at TEDxNEOMED

Applications are still being accepted to speak at the 2023 TEDxNEOMED event (date TBD).

This year's theme is "The Art of Medicine."

Some questions to consider when constructing your idea:

- Why is this an idea you'd like your community to hear about now?

- What is the most important part of the idea to convey and why?

- How is your idea surprising?

- What links it to the theme?

- Are you willing to invest energy into your talk? The TEDxNEOMED team can give you all the tools you need to write and deliver an amazing talk, but you will be the one to use them.

Things to AVOID:

- Rushing through your application, take some time to explore, revisit and clarify your message.

- Promoting commercial, political or religious agendas.

- Scientific claims that cannot be supported by well-founded evidence.

- Formal medical lectures. While complex scientific subjects are often discussed, these talks are 18 minutes or less and TEDx shares these talks worldwide. Your idea must be exciting and digestible for anyone! 

- Faking it to 'make it'-be genuine to yourself to create the best talk.

Go to the application. Please complete by Dec. 20, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. Good luck!

Watch TEDxNEOMED talks from the 2021 event

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