College of Pharmacy Celebrates Residencies

The College of Pharmacy Residency Match Celebration, held Wednesday, April 18, in the NEW Center’s Grand Ballroom, was an evening for students, families, faculty and staff to celebrate the beginning of many fourth-year students’ careers as resident pharmacists.

This year, the College of Pharmacy introduced a new twist to the celebration: Prior to the event, students were asked to submit videos of them announcing their placement. While students lined up alphabetically along the ballroom wall, videos were played of each announcement as students walked up front to place their pins on the residency location map.

“Part of residency is going out of your comfort zone…and submitting these videos was your first step,” explained Timothy Ulbrich, Pharm.D., R.Ph., director of pharmacy resident education and associate dean of student success.  

Yes, completing a residency is not mandatory for graduating pharmacy students, but the experience provides more than an additional credential, noted Dr. Ulbrich.

"Doing a residency fits my career path. I'd like to work in critical care, but it can be competitive,” says Sara Shuss, thrilled about heading to Cleveland Clinic Akron General for a PGY1 residency. “I'm excited to learn and grow through real-life practice."

For some, residency is a chance to continue on a path towards career goals; for others, residency opens doors to change.

"I decided I wanted to be on the other side of the prescription. I have a retail background, but a residency will allow me to be more involved in the care of my patients,” says Thomas Rouzzo, who matched for a PGY1 residency at Alliance Community Hospital.

Jaclyn Boyle, Pharm.D. (’12), assistant professor of pharmacy, offered parting well-wishes to students, “Residency is a time to learn about yourself personally, clinically and professionally. We wish you the best.”

The numbers

Twenty-six fourth-year College of Pharmacy students were recognized at the celebration for their PGY1 residencies. Five graduates from the Class of 2017 who received PGY2 residencies were also recognized.

This year, the College of Pharmacy recognized the largest group of fourth-year pharmacy students to ever match for residency.

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