College of Pharmacy Faculty and Student Research and Scholarship Accomplishments

The College of Pharmacy’s Research and Scholarship committee is excited to share the following accomplishments of its faculty and students throughout the fall semester:


Fosnight S. “Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program”, Supplemental funding for Nursing Facility Education.  Department of Health and Human Services Agency for Health Resources and Services Administration, July 2022-June 2023, $44,000. Co-Investigator

Invited Presentations

  • Amin K, Fuschetto K. APhA’s Pharmacy-Based Immunization Administration by Pharmacy Technicians Certificate Training Program. Rootstown, OH. August 2022.
  • Amin K, Fuschetto K. APhA’s The Pharmacist & Patient-Centered Diabetes Care Certificate Training Program. Rootstown, OH. August 2022.
  • English C, Nichols S, Ott CA, Paxos C. Prep Series Q&A session. CPNP Prep Series. American Association of Psychiatric Pharmacists. Available at: August 2022.
  • Paxos C. Review of long-acting injectable antipsychotics and pharmacist administration. OPA Pharmacist Training Program for Long-Acting Injectables. Columbus, OH. September 2022.
  • Cober MP. Math Does Count: Calculation Review for the NAPLEX. Invited Co-Lecturer. Pediatric Pharmacy Association Fall Meeting – Student Programming, Columbus, OH. September 2022.
  • Cober MP. Math is Not Your Student’s Friend: How to Teach Pharmacy Math Using Pediatric Patients. Invited Co-Lecturer. Pediatric Pharmacy Association Fall Meeting, Columbus, OH. September 2022.
  • Cober, MP. Enhancing Your Focus: Tools to Improve Productivity. Invited Co-Lecturer. Pediatric Pharmacy Association Fall Meeting, Columbus, Ohio.
  • Cober, MP. NICU Pearls and Controversies. Invited Co-Lecturer. Chicagoland Critical Care Conference, University of Illinois Chicago, College of Pharmacy, and Ann & Robert Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Virtual Webinar. August 2022.
  • Light, J, Chan R, Fredrickson ME, Holbrooks R. Zivak N, Volsko TA. Impact of a Pharmacy Appointment-Based Adherence Packaging and Consultation Program on Secondary Care Utilization in a Behavioral Health Population. American College of Clinical Pharmacy Global Conference. Scientific Poster Presentations. October 2022.
  • Appleman M, Bracken R, Fredrickson, LA. Fredrickson ME. The Intersection of Generation Z, Health Professions Education and COVID-19: A Litmus Test for Educator Perseverance. Family Medicine Education Consortium National Conference. Lecture Discussion. Arlington, Virginia. September             2022.
  • Marchiano, J. Pharmacotherapy for Cognitive and Behavioral Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease. CE presentation, Chapter Meeting, Akron Area of Health-System Pharmacists. September 2022.
  • Marchiano, J. Navigating Wellness During COVID-19: Perspectives from Across Pharmacy. ASHP Podcast, September 2022.
  • King C, Hoffman A, Bowen M. SICP Educational Steering Committee: Therapeutics: Aspirin Use for Primary Prevention.  ASHP Podcast. October 2022.
  • Gustafson KA, Boyle J. Wellness in the Workplace – We are in this together! OPA Midyear Meeting. Columbus Ohio. November 6, 2022.
  • Wisneski, SS. From Desegregation to Diversity & Inclusion. Webinar AACP History of Pharmacy SIG. November 10, 2022.  
  • Wisneski, SS. Opioid Use During the Civil War Era: Implications for Addiction. NEOMED Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminar Series. Podium Presentation, November 4, 2022.
  • Dass. AK. OCCP Fall Meeting. Monkeypox. October 28, 2022.
  • Ammon N, Stovsky E, Dugan SE. A Novel Approach to Interprofessional Education Using Simulation of the Project ECHO®️ Model. IPEC Poster Fair. Virtual Conference. November 2022.
  • Boyle J, Gustafson K. Wellness in the Workplace – We are in this together! Podium Presentation given at the Ohio Pharmacists Association Midyear Meeting. Columbus, OH. November 2022.
  • Agler A, Boyle J. There’s Glass Everywhere: Gender Inequity in Pharmacy. Podium Presentation given at the Ohio Society of Health-System Pharmacists Annual       Meeting and Residency Showcase. Columbus, OH. November 2022.
  • Cober MP.  Parenteral Nutrition Advanced Ordering, Compounding, and Stability: Compatibilities in Parenteral Nutrition, American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, Webinar, October 2022.
  • Fosnight S, Drost J, Chrzanowski B Clay D, Bibbo J. A healthcare and community provider integrated interprofessional team. A virtual mentoring mode. Nexus Summit 2022,Virtual presentation.. 9-13-22.


  • Fuschetto, K., Amin, K., Gothard, M., & Merico, E. “Evaluating the role of Pharmacy Technician-administered vaccines.” Journal of Pharmacy Practice, August 6, 2022,
  • Mills K, Hill C, King M, Pauley JL, Cober MP, Fenn NE, Omecene NE.  Just DOAC: use of direct-acting oral anticoagulants in pediatrics.  AJHP.
  • Jenkins L, Fredrickson ME, Amin K. Preparing for the APPE season: how pharmacy schools can help students make the most of their APPE draft picks. CPTL Pulses. 2022 August. Available at:
  • Miller J, Fredrickson ME, Greene J, Jay M, Oyewumi O. Reimagining Drug Manufacturing Paradigm in Today's Pharmacy Landscape. Jour Amer Pharm Assoc. 2022. Accepted for publication
  • Ozbay N, King BS, Gothard MD, King CA. Assessing appropriate panel size and optimization of quality metrics for ambulatory care pharmacists in the primary care setting. AJHP. 2022.
  • Sadana P (corresponding author), Edler M, Aghayev M, Arias-Alvarado A, Cohn E, Ilchenko S, Piontkivska H, Pillai JA, Kashyap S, and Kasumov T. Metabolic labeling unveils alterations in the turnover of HDL-associated proteins during diabetes progression in mice. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab – manuscript accepted – publication pending.
  • Conrad-Bracken R, Fredrickson ME, Fredrickson LA, Appleman M. Generational Situatedness: Challenging Generational             Stereotypes in Health Professions Education. Medical Teacher.
  • Paxos C. Moving beyond first-line treatment options for OCD. Ment Health Clin [Internet]. 2022;12(5):300-8.
  • Accepted: Gustafson KA, Bates B, Kline C, Gothard D. Concurrent validity of the professional fulfillment index in a sample of pharmacy residents and             preceptors. AJHP. 2022. (Citation pending.)
  • Gibson CM, Larson S, Behnen EM, Dugan SE, Moody AE, Wagner JL. Feeding the Soul via Creation of a Suborganization to Promote a Sense of Community. Am J Pharm Ed. Oct 2022. 86(7):8927.
  • Brown DK, Hazelett S, Drost J, Hovland CA, Kropp D, Chrzanowski BL, Fosnight SM, Sanders M, Neiderriter J, Patton R, Radwany S, Ahmed RA. A multi-step education model for advancing competence in geriatrics and interprofessional collaboration for health students.  Gerontology and Geriatrics Education 2022; DOI: 10.1080/02701960.2022.2104842.


Dass, AK. Worked with Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacist Task Force to develop a toolkit for Oral Antivirals for COVID-19. Available here: SIDP - COVID-19 Oral Antivirals Toolkit

-- Submitted by Liz Fredrickson, Pharm.D.,

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