Connecting MEDCAMP to AHEC Scholars through NEOMED Partnerships

MEDCAMP participants returned to NEOMED Jan. 20 for a two-hour Gross Anatomy Workshop taught by Dr. Catherine Mattinson, associate professor of anatomy and neurobiology, and several medical students.

Students studied organ systems from the Yassine Gross Anatomy Lab’s established donor program.

The Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Program Office at NEOMED offers several separate touchpoint programs occurring after students graduate the MEDCAMP program, but prior to their eligibility for the AHEC Scholars program.

Programming will take place at NEOMED to expand upon the MEDCAMP curriculum to support students from underrepresented backgrounds and their success in medical and health education.

In addition to Dr. Mattinson, AHEC thanks all individuals and partners who have provided MEDCAMP touchpoint programming:

  • Megan Storey-Workley, manager of the Anatomy Teaching Lab
  • Stop-the-Bleed Student Interest Group
  • Dr. Fady Abdlrasul, assistant professor of pharmacy practice & RCP pharmacist
  • Dr. Marcus Julius, clinical associate professor of anatomy and neurobiology, clinical associate professor of radiology and graduate faculty II in the College of Graduate Studies.

-- Submitted by Rebecca Johnson,

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