Connecting our Transformation – Strategic Plan Focus Areas

NEOMED's mission is to harness diversity, innovation, and collaboration to create transformative leaders and improve health through education, discovery, and service. The NEOMED strategic plan is organized by six pillars and forty-two strategic initiatives. With over 70 action plans submitted, the NEOMED community is engaging in strategic planning at all levels. 

With so much happening on our campus, have you ever wondered how it all connects? Meet the strategic focus areas:

Exceptional Experience 

By creating a welcoming, supportive and well-resourced environment, NEOMED sets the stage for meaningful interactions among its students, faculty, staff, alumni, partners and community members. The University empowers every individual to participate fully in the campus experience and the community that NEOMED serves. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

NEOMED recognizes, appreciates and celebrates all of the ways ― from backgrounds to viewpoints ― that people are different. The University’s culture is grounded in respect and thrives on the uniqueness of each individual. NEOMED encourages everyone’s participation by fostering policies and practices that ensure fair and just access, treatment and opportunities for all. 


NEOMED creates positive change by educating and training Ohio’s next generation of health professionals, educators and researchers through experiential learning, high-impact research, strategic partnerships and innovation. By designing an environment where ideas and connections can flourish, NEOMED is transforming health care. 


Talent is NEOMED’s most valuable asset. The University invests in developing its faculty and staff to realize their fullest potential. As it works to attract and retain a diverse workforce and student body, NEOMED embraces opportunity and growth across all levels of the institution.

-Submitted by Samantha Bliss

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