Here we stand, in 2022, marking more than two years since life as we knew it – or had come to expect it – shifted. Months of uncertainty, fear, slowing down, and isolating has led to a world in which we are cautiously trying to understand how we will inhabit our lives. However, as we continue to move forward it is important to reflect on the last two years – to allow ourselves to both celebrate and mourn these days.

The “Pandemic Reflections; Past, Present and Future” was an initiative created by NEOMED faculty members and the Office of the President, who partnered with the Creatives in Medicine student group to produce a form of community reflection. Creatives in Medicine was started last year to explore how creativity fits into the changing dialogue of medicine, as well as focus on how art can be used as a tool for patient healing and provider diagnostic skills and reflection.

A string represents a line, a singular path, while emphasizing a connection between ideas, moments and memories. It is important to recognize and reflect on our individual experience of the pandemic, but also visualize how we fit into the collective experience. The NEOMED community for the last three months has woven the string through the board to the phrases that most resonate with them in respect to the pandemic.

Through this meditation, we followed the string through our individual path, but also were able to visualize our connection with one another.

As we move forward as educators, health care professionals and citizens of this world, we hope to hold these experiences with us, recognizing our humanity, fragility and strength.

If you would like to still be a part of this community art, the board will be displayed outside Student Services through the end of the week.

- Submitted by Richa Sheth (M3)

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