Creating Transformational Leaders

Dear NEOMED Community:

Now that initiatives and the funding process have launched for NEOMED’s Strategic Plan: Creating Transformational Leaders, the University is happy to announce the rollout of the plan’s titular campaign and tagline, Creating Transformational Leaders.

As you know, NEOMED has a new mission statement: “NEOMED harnesses diversity, innovation and collaboration to create transformative leaders and improve health through education, discovery and service; vision ― To be the model of excellence in innovative education and impactful research to create transformational health care leaders of tomorrow; and values ― Leadership | Excellence | Advocacy | Diversity | Equity | Respect."

But the University’s brand assets, e.g., its name and logos, remain the same.

Founded because the Northeast Ohio community had a shortage of doctors ― particularly those who were for and from Ohio ― NEOMED has always believed that knowledge is power. As shown through the flame that rises above the pages of a book in the main logo, study of the health sciences at NEOMED kindles thought leadership and provides our students with exceptional experiences from which they evolve into compassionate health professionals.

Graduates of NEOMED’s programs become leaders because of programs that are differentiated by their focus on the continuum of care – a continuum that begins with the student, is centered on the patient, and reflects back as health science students become professionals who practice at the top of their license.

NEOMED’s previous campaign did a great job of building our reimagined brand, provoking thought with “What Ignites You?” But when President Langell began his listening tour two years ago, there was clear concern throughout the NEOMED community that as the University grew, it lost its clear, compelling brand identity.

Who are we? What’s in the secret sauce that we call NEOMED? Why are so many graduates becoming such great leaders?

“There were very positive comments about NEOMED’s sphere of influence in Northeast Ohio, and many believed that now is the time for the University to broaden its reach nationally and to put on full display our proven work in developing leaders who move on to do amazing things,” said Dr. Langell.

NEOMED leaders emerge from a learning experience designed to ensure that our continuum of care becomes a position of strength. This is accomplished by focusing on three main areas: professional and personal development; reflective practice and patient-care experiences; and team-based learning and interdependence.

As a result, NEOMED alumni provide care, share knowledge and advance science so we all can live healthier lives.

But it doesn’t end with students and alumni. Through a strategic planning process in which more than 100 members of the NEOMED community were involved, many current and aspiring leaders emerged among our faculty and staff. The planning process uncovered the answer to NEOMED’s identity: It is all about creating transformational leaders.

The engaged participation by so many also defined what it takes to make it all sustainable:

Empowerment for all.

Exceptional experiences for students, staff and faculty.

Programmatic and training opportunities for leadership development.

And a place where diversity, equity and inclusion are omnipresent.


The University’s five-year campaign is called Creating Transformational Leaders. With that comes a new identity and activation (events, programming, promotion, etc.) to support it. Here’s what you can expect to see in the coming weeks:

  • Updated PowerPoint templates, letterhead and business cards. You will be able to submit your requests through InMotionNow soon.
  • Branded merchandise and other fun items with a freebie for all students and staff.
  • New media walls with University branding and for the first time, retractable banners with College branding.
  • Pole banners throughout the campus, showcasing alumni, faculty, staff and students who are doing amazing things.
  • A Creating Transformational Leaders database to be used as a resource for campaigns, stories, campus engagement and lectures, government advocacy, media experts and more.


Here’s what you can do to spread the word:

Use “#CreatingTransformationalLeaders” in your social posts when relevant.

Whenever possible, incorporate the phrase Creating Transformational Leaders into the last statement of your narratives ― written, spoken or visual. It can be used specifically for your college, program, student organization, event, etc.

A few examples follow:

  • Creating Transformational Leaders by advancing basic science
  • Creating Transformational Leaders in pharmacy
  • Creating Transformational Leaders in health care
  • Creating Transformational Leaders in public health
  • Creating Transformational Leaders who are underrepresented
  • Creating Transformational Leaders in emergency medicine
  • Creating Transformational Leaders who give
  • Creating Transformational Leaders by disseminating best practices to community organizations

Note: This is a University-wide campaign and there is only one tagline: Creating Transformational Leaders. In the future, identities and temporary slogans may be developed for other initiatives, programs, events, etc., in alignment with the University and subject to MarCom approval.


You can learn more about the University’s new five-year strategic plan at the plan’s new website. Now in development, it will soon be complete with pillars, focus areas, stories, dashboards and funding processes.


Lacey Madison, MBA, MEd, LSSBB
Chief Strategy Officer
Office of the President

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