Employee Health and Wellness Fair

A woman gets her blood pressure measured.

Many faculty and staff took a wellness break on Wednesday, Feb. 22 – 176 to be exact – by participating in an employee health and wellness fair sponsored by the Office of Human Resources.

Participants picked up useful health and wellness information from more 20 vendors, many of whom also provided reiki and other relaxation services.

More than 100 participants joined a lunch-and-learn program with Margy Sanders, M.A., LSW, project director, Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Pogram, and associate professor of Family and Community Medicine, who shared some tips and tools for building resiliency.

Among them:

  • Practice mindfulness, a heightened psychological state of awareness, by doing breathing exercises, a body scan, or journaling.
  • Engage in self-reflection. Consider setbacks in their context and try to maintain a long-term perspective on things.
  • Cultivate a growth mindset. Add “yet” to words like “can’t” or “didn’t.” Learn from experiences and view them as opportunities for growth, rather than a challenge or setback.

For those who may be interested in journaling but don’t know where to start, Sanders suggested the Three Questions journal from the Healer’s Arts program. Each night before bed, reflect on and write about:

  1. What surprised me?
  2. What moved or touched me?
  3. What inspired me?

Read more about resiliency and the Healer’s Art in the Fall 2022 issue of Ignite

Congratulations to the winners of the raffle prizes:

  • Golf set: Trisha Akers
  • Pickleball set: Diane McKinney
  • Yoga basket: Julia Riley
  • Basketball Hoop and ball: Ruth Simera
  • Giant Eagle and GrubHub gift cards: Corey Robinson
  • Kayak set: Dori Parker
  • Strength Training 1: Sharon Combs
  • Strength Training 2: Jenna Morgan
  • Outdoor games: Susan Moore
  • Light Therapy basket: Michele Evans
  • Bike, helmet and lock: Jennifer Lint
  • Yoga class and Reiki session: Michele Rosenberger
  • Regression session: Diane Longstreth
  • Holistic session: Shelley Gordon
  • Holistic basket: Katherine Miranda

Thank you to the wellness team for a successful event!

Employees visit at tables during the health fair. A woman gets her blood pressure checked by a nurse. An employee visits at a table during the health fair. A woman talkes with a man at a table during the health fair.

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