Employees: New Website Offers Opportunities for Professional Development

The Employee Empowered Excellence initiative includes training programs designed to develop NEOMED employees, optimize performance to achieve our goals and foster operational excellence in the workplace. In addition to Lean Six Sigma, the Strategy Office will be offering professional development workshops that focus on various topics listed below. Workshops are expected to be held once or twice each month based on interest.

The new website for Employee Empowered Excellence was announced during Creating Transformational Leaders Day. The page will serve as the one-stop-shop to learn more about Lean Six Sigma (LSS), register for a LSS cohort, view the training calendar and report interest in one or more development topics to help prioritize trainings for 2023.

Six Sigma has driven the way toward operational excellence at NEOMED through Yellow Belt and Green Belt programs. The limitation of the LSS program however is that it teaches process improvement methodology but not always the practical skills needed to do this well. Participants may learn about data collection but don’t receive a Qualtrics/survey tutorial. Data visualization and graphical analysis are discussed, but not how to use Excel to manage data or create a graph that tells the project’s story. For these reasons, several employees have expressed interest in additional profession development opportunities to further their practical education outside of Lean Six Sigma. Additionally, there are some useful LSS skills, such as process mapping, that is covered for 30 minutes on during regular LSS training, which isn’t enough time to hone that skill.

Employee Empowered Excellence is a direct response to that feedback. Currently inclusive of Lean Six Sigma training programs, EEE has become the overarching identity for all the ways the Strategy Office hopes to provide opportunities to develop NEOMED’s workforce and innovate operations. New opportunities include professional development workshops that will align directly to areas of employee interest, including Excel, Qualtrics, Microsoft Teams, project management, process mapping and others.

The current progress of the University’s Strategic Plan is evidence that when we empower our community, impactful work follows.

“I have had the privilege of working with so many from our community through LSS training, so I get to see the creativity, talent and unique contributions of our workforce every week,” said Jordan Cinderich, process engineer in the Office of the President and LSS instructor. “Sometimes, though, their full potential hasn’t been realized because of a deficit in technical knowledge, application/program expertise, or they just need a little push to develop some skills that would ultimately take their great ideas and refine them into an impactful product.”

What professional development workshops would you like to see? Respond to the survey to share your interest in future professional development workshop topics, and be aware of the LSS training options for 2023.

Questions or comments? Contact Jordan at at LSS@neomed.edu or 330.325.6668.

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