Experience NEOMED Virtually

NEOMED has launched a virtual tour of the University’s campus. In addition to showcasing areas where students learn, live and engage with others, the tour highlights NEOMED’s public areas for which residents of Portage County and beyond frequent to exercise, receive clinical services, attend events, or simply have lunch or their favorite Starbucks coffee.

Whether it’s prospective students getting sneak peeks of their future home, alumni marveling at the many changes to campus in recent years or donors witnessing academic resource improvements resulting from their generosity, all can now see the spaces where NEOMED is creating transformational leaders. 

Take a moment to experience the virtual tour. You may need a minute to get a hang of the navigation, so here are some instructions to get you started:


  1. Go to neomed.edu/tour.
  2. Select the ‘Enter Virtual Tour’ button
  3. Use the navigation bar on the left to choose the location you would like to view. Please note that some of these selections will have their own drop-down options. For instance, clicking ‘NEW Center’ will reveal the ‘Jay A. Gershen Atrium,’ which upon clicking, will call up locations within the Atrium, such as the NEW Center Coffee Shop, The Bistro, and the Sarikaya Student Lounge.
  4. Once you make your selection, you can experience a 360-degree view of the area by holding down your cursor and moving any direction – you can even closely inspect the floor and ceiling
  5. Three examples of the icons visitors will see during the virtual tour.Select the arrow buttons to move forward from area to area
  6. Select the door icon to enter or exit a specific location
  7. Select the photo icon to view various still photos of that location
  8. Choose another area and repeat!

There are also a series of icons at the bottom left corner. From right to left, these icons:

  • show the physical location of NEOMED on a map
  • return to the initial starting point of the virtual tour
  • creates a full-screen option

(Please note there is no sound for the virtual tour)

Want to share the tour in an email or in social? Use neomed.edu/tour



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