Faculty: Audience-response System Now Requires Single Sign-on

Today (Dec. 12), the TurningPoint/PointSolutions application (audience response system) will be switched to single sign-on.  All users will need to authenticate using their NEOMED Microsoft credentials and authorizing with Microsoft MFA. 

The TurningPoint application functions the same, but some steps have changed for faculty registration.  Please refer to these resources for additional information:

Getting Started for instructors

Getting Started video 

Getting Started in 10 Minutes (webinar)

Note: To ensure you do not get locked out over the campus holiday, make sure you are enrolled in MFA and self-service password reset (SSPR):  

  • To access University systems, email and to be able to reset/change your NEOMED password, make sure you are enrolled in Microsoft MFA and SSPR. If you haven’t enrolled, please follow these instructions: Microsoft MFA and SSPR - First Time Setup  
  • It’s always a good idea to have a backup (or two) in case your primary MFA method is unavailable. You are strongly encouraged to set up additional authentication methods for your account. 
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