Fady Abdlrasul, Pharm.D. (’14), Gives Keynote Address at Bio-Med Commencement

Fady Abdlrasul, Pharm.D. (’14), assistant professor of Pharmacy Practice, offered his insight to the Bio-Med Science Academy Class of 2022 at the school’s commencement ceremony on May 26. Dr. Abdlrasul was invited as the keynote speaker thanks to his role mentoring potential pharmacists as part of BioMed’s APEX internship project, in which seniors gain real-world experience in a professional setting throughout the academic year. Additionally, he also teaches an accelerated-term course each year, is a regular presence at the school’s career fairs, and sits on the Bio-Med advisory board.

During the commencement address, Dr. Abdlrasul offered honest advice based on his own experiences when he was in their shoes. He was candid about not being sure what career path to follow when he was young, as well as some slip-ups he made along the way. He admitted that being a college professor was not on his radar and that he didn’t enjoy learning about chemistry at the time. However, he ended up majoring in chemistry once he decided to enter the medical field, which led him to his ultimate dream job as an educator.

“I get to train future generations of health care professionals,” said Dr. Abdlrasul. “Professionals who will be taking care of you or a loved one in your time of need and the skills and the wisdom that I impart on them they will carry into patient care, and to me, that’s a priceless reward.”   

He also acknowledged the inevitability of making mistakes along the way.

“Don’t let fear of failure hold you back from pursuing something,” he said. “Take time to reflect on your mistakes and utilize your errors to learn and grow and make yourself better.”

Dr. Abdlrasul’s full speech can be viewed here starting at the 31:06 mark.


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