Funding Opportunity through NIH, Community Partnerships to Advance Science for Society (ComPASS)

A request for application (RFA) for development of a coordination center is available for submission with letter of intent due Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2022.

The purpose of the funding is to provide administration, coordination, data and research capacity-building and training support to the ComPASS consortium and to provide technical assistance to the community-led health equity structural interventions.

View the request. A Research Opportunity Announcement (ROA) is available to solicit applications from community organizations for a Community-Led, Health Equity Structural Intervention Initiative. This ROA requires the lead to be a community organization however, research institutions can serve as a partner and are encouraged to participate. A letter of intent is required for submission and is due no later than Nov. 18.

Additional information about this announcement.

For more information about NIH Office of Strategic Coordination and The Common Fund and to view Common Fund Programs, see this page.

-- Submitted by Angelina Steiner,

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