Get to Know Brian Butler

Tell us about yourself, Brian.

BB: I'm originally from the Portage Lakes area. I went to the University of Akron for undergrad and the University of Toledo for grad school. I've noticed of lot of Zips alumni around here — which I appreciate as someone who habitually says, "Go Zips!" at the end of sentences. It makes me feel at home.

Has working in higher education always been a goal of yours?

BB: When I finished my M.B.A. at the University of Toledo, I had a short love affair with the private sector, but ultimately, I decided that higher education was where I needed to be. I went back to the University of Akron and worked in Residence Life and Housing for a bit and now I'm here at NEOMED!

Tell us about your new role as the assistant director of Student Services.

BB: Ultimately I'm here to support students. I have the opportunity to oversee and support student organizations, as well as the NEOMED Student Council, in addition to helping plan campus traditions like the annual White Coat ceremonies. My hope is that I can support our students not just in the more challenging academic endeavors that they have, but also in the professional development aspect of their education by offering lessons that they won’t necessarily encounter in their medically- or pharmaceutically-focused classes.

We hear that you’re a self-proclaimed nerd. Do tell.

BB: I am a big nerd. I enjoy game nights, especially tabletop games with friends. All the nerdy stuff. I'm a big Dungeons and Dragons nerd. I enjoy 3D printing as a hobby, too! One of my favorite spots is The Malted Meeple in Hudson, Ohio. It’s like a tabletop gaming pub. I'm all about getting people around the table.

Is it true that you wanted to name your cat after the University of Akron?

BB: It is! My wife and I live with our two fur children. We have a dog named Sydney and a cat named Kira. We rescued our cat from UA's campus. She was a little scoundrel, always getting into cars. I got vetoed though, when I wanted to name her Buchtel. Fun fact: The University of Akron was originally named Buchtel College.

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