Get to Know Jeanne Hoban, Integrated Marketing Strategist

Integrated Marketing Strategist Jeanne Hoban joined NEOMED in October 2021, coming here from Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging in Cleveland, where she was marketing communications director.

What do 22-year-olds and 82-year-olds have in common?

People are people. Character doesn’t change regardless of age. Happy young people become happy older people. And “grumpy old men” were probably grumpy teenagers.

What are the similarities and differences between working at a social service agency like Benjamin Rose and a health sciences university?

Benjamin Rose provides services for older adults and caregivers, but is also involved in advocacy and applied research, so those aspects are similar. And  I was involved in communicating research findings and promoting educational programs, often in partnership with hospitals, health clinics and medical schools, including NEOMED.

The biggest difference is that at Benjamin Rose, we were providing social services and focused on psychosocial aspects of care, and while there were some continuing education programs, it’s not a university.

What are some of the best books you have read lately?

It’s not one I read recently, but the book I probably recommend the most is In the Time of Butterflies by Julia Alvarez. It’s a good story written beautifully.

What’s it like being in a book club with some of your siblings? 

My family is very close – we do a lot of things together, including book club.

You’re part of the integrated marketing team. Do you have a specialty?

One of the main parts of my job here is managing the University’s social media accounts. Make sure you follow, like and share! As an integrated marketing team, we all collaborate to share news and information across a whole variety of platforms.

When does time pass the fastest for you during the workday?

I think it’s more deadline-driven for me. Whatever task I’m working on, if I’m focused 100% on finishing it, time goes by faster.

Best thing about your hometown?

Walkability. I live in Lakewood, along Lake Erie. Everything is within walking distance.

What did you notice about the culture at NEOMED when you first arrived?

It’s much more relaxed than I imagined it would be.

Favorite travel destination (or trip you’d like to take)?

I had to attend a conference in Savannah several years ago, so I decided to drive and take vacation along the way. That was the first of several “solo meanders” that I wish I had thought of doing much earlier. Each trip takes about 10 days and covers about 2,500 miles. I map things out ahead of time and book lodgings so I know where I’m sleeping every night, but that’s all I know. So far, I’ve discovered that every place has something interesting about it. Or it’s close to some place that has something interesting about it.


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