Get to Know: Jennifer Dougall, Ph.D.

Meet NEOMED’s new director of Counseling Services.

What brought you to NEOMED?

I’ve been with NEOMED since the early 2000’s. I began in the capacity of adjunct professor, assisting in a medical interviewing course run by Paul Hartung, Ph.D., professor of family and community medicine. I was assigned to help a group of six students develop their medical interviewing and empathic listening skills. In March 2017, I began filling in to cover the departure of the assistant director of counseling services. I became the full-time director in June.  

Tell us about your role as the Director of Counseling Services.

I oversee all of NEOMED’s wellness and counseling services for students. The wellness component includes overseeing student insurance plans, immunizations and drug testing. The other main part of my job is providing and overseeing student counseling. The new assistant director, Stephanie Orwick, and I both meet with students to provide counseling.

What kinds of help does Counseling Services offer?

We offer supportive counseling that helps students with stress management, test anxiety, performance-based anxiety, relationship concerns, work-life balance and more. Our goal is to help students develop the necessary coping skills to be successful in their life and career. We also work with students who have a history of depression, anxiety, PTSD and ADHD. Sometimes we conduct short-term counseling, where students come for a few sessions and feel like they’re on their way. Others may need support on a deeper level, where we provide support throughout the year to help balance and maintain their mental health.

Are you a Northeast Ohio native?

I’m not, I’m actually from a small town outside of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I went to college in Northeast Ohio and that’s what made me stay. I went to the College of Wooster, then completed a master’s and Ph.D. at the University of Akron.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love being a counselor and instructor. I love working alongside of our students to not only help them to achieve their goals and meet personal challenges, but help them to develop a healthy emotional and mental state of mind as they prepare for their professional careers. My goal is for our students to take what they have learned about themselves and apply it to their professional practice as they learn to assist and relate to their patients.

To make an appointment with Counseling Services, call 330-325-6757, or email

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