Get to Know Jessica Lansinger

NEOMED’s Center for Student Wellness and Counseling Services team is growing! Meet its newest counselor, Jessica Lansinger.

You moved all around the country and even lived in Anchorage, Alaska for a period of time, while you were growing up; but you have said that NEOMED has always seemed familiar. Why?

JL: I have had a couple of family members, as well as in-laws, who have been part of NEOMED.

As a new member of the Center for Student Wellness and Counseling Services team, how will you serve students?

JL: As a counselor, I'll be providing short-term, goal-oriented services to students who are going through things like problems with relationships, stress, anxiety and depression. I'll help them learn to cope and giving them a lot of tools and skills to use.

If a student is hesitant about coming to the CSWCS, what would you tell them?

JL: It doesn't hurt to learn new skills that will be beneficial to you. It also never hurts to have someone to talk to!

What type of counseling work did you do prior to joining NEOMED?

JL: When working in private practice, I worked with numerous individuals with professional backgrounds adjusting to stressors and working to find balance in their lives. I also have experience working with children, individuals with severe and persistent mental illness and substance use.

All right, time for some fun. What’s your favorite spot in Northeast Ohio?

JL: The Cuyahoga Valley National Park. I love being on some of the trails down in Peninsula and I have completed the Bike and Hike trail several times. Ohio is beautiful.

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