Get to Know Monica Lenox

Meet Monica Lenox, Academic Affairs and Student Services’ new assistant director of credentialing!

Tell us about yourself, Monica!

ML: Most recently, I ran the student health clinic at Notre Dame College (in Northeast Ohio). I’ve been managing medical practices for the past seven years.

My father worked in higher education, so I grew up on college campuses and feel comfortable around them. I spent a lot of time at Youngstown State University and a couple that are out of state.

What will you do as the assistant director of credentialing?

ML: Essentially, I am here to make sure that all of the students are current with their immunizations and that they’re signed up for medical insurance. Those are the two of the biggest things we’re tackling right now. It’s especially important for those first-year students to make sure that they have their immunizations before they get here.

What are you excited for as you continue to get settled in at NEOMED?

ML: I’m looking forward to a little bit of everything. I like the student interaction and that I’ll play a role in the commencement and white coat ceremonies. I can’t wait to be a part of those happy times.

What is special about Northeast Ohio?

ML: I’ve lived in this general area for almost 30 years and one thing that I really like about this area is the prevalence of the arts. It’s really wonderful that all summer, if you want to go see a live band for free just about any night of the week, you can. It’s fabulous.

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