Get to Know Musicians in Medicine

For some, music is a stress-reliever, for others, it creates a sense of nostalgia. Olivia Antonescu (pronounced anton-ESS-cue), a second-year College of Medicine student who plays the violin, piano and guitar, would like Musicians in Medicine to foster both of those things for NEOMED students. 

Tell us about Musicians in Medicine.

OA: Our group is open to everyone – College of Medicine, College of Pharmacy, or College of Graduate Studies students. The great thing about Musicians in Medicine is, it’s very low-stress. If you love to sing or play an instrument, or if you just want a reason to push yourself to practice more, this club is perfect.

Even if you can’t sing or play an instrument, Musicians in Medicine welcomes everyone. We’re for anyone who likes to make music. I always tell people to join, no matter what level you think you are! 

What do you want students to know about Musicians in Medicine?

OA: Our club isn’t high-stress. It can be hard to dedicate your time in medicine and pharmacy school, but music is a really good outlet. I don’t think people realize Musicians in Medicine only takes up 30 minutes a week. It’s a nice step away.

If you pull up any research article, it will tell you that singing really brings groups of people together. Music is a healthy alternative to watching Netflix or playing on your phone to de-stress.

It takes some practice, but when you can cultivate learning and practicing an instrument or your voice, then presenting it, that’s a truly rewarding experience. It’s nice to have something to work towards beyond passing classes.

What else does Musicians in Medicine do?

OA: We perform for a Christmas concert hosted by Musicians in Medicine every year and plan to perform at the Geriatrics Interest Group’s Inter-Generation Halloween Party, too.

Last spring we performed at the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology's annual Body Donation Memorial Service. That’s something we’d like to do again.

This year, we were able to pull off a karaoke night for the incoming first-year College of Medicine and College of Pharmacy students. We held it the first week of class and had such a great turnout. For our first time hosting that type of event, it was super successful. I hope it becomes a tradition!

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