Get to Know NEOMED’s New Black Student Association

From fashion shows to mentoring local youth, NEOMED’s new, and first, Black Student Association is eager for the 2019-2020 academic year to begin. Ikenna Ogwuegbu (pictured on far right), a rising second-year College of Pharmacy student and founding member of the student organization, shares more about the group and its plans for the upcoming school year.

Tell us about NEOMED’s Black Student Association.

IO: We are a group of black and non-black NEOMED students coming together to support not only each other, but also our community as a whole. The Black Student Association is a cultural organization that will look to promote black culture and create a sense of solidarity among students, faculty and staff on campus. The core values of our organization center around family, love and solidarity. We believe that having a great University support system is vital to succeeding in professional school.

What inspired you to introduce the Black Student Association to NEOMED?

IO: There was a need for a group on campus that provides comfort, unity and service to the community for black students in both the Colleges of Pharmacy and Medicine. Considering our minority status at NEOMED, the Black Student Association was created to assist and mentor incoming students during their transition into the NEOMED community and life as a professional student.

What do you want NEOMED students to know about the Black Student Association?

IO: BSA is like a social passport that will provide students the chance to explore and contribute to the growing diversity emerging at NEOMED. We value supporting one another, forming a sense of community and having a good time. Joining the organization will be a great way to meet new people and learn more about other cultures.

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