Get to Know NEOMED’s Pediatric Action Club

NEOMED’s American Academy of Pediatrics – Pediatric Action Club gives College of Medicine students a chance to learn more about some of health care’s tiniest patients.

AAP-PAC co-presidents Punita Peketi and Anna Cherian tell us more about the group.

What is AAP-PAC?

PP: The Pediatric Action Club is nationally affiliated with the American Academy of Pediatrics. This means that students who sign up can also register as national members, allowing them to attend AAP’s national conference, make connections and keep up-to-date with all things pediatrics.

We host a variety of activities that allow students to interact with kids and gain a better understanding of the life of a pediatrician. Through this club, we hope that students will gain a better understanding of the specialty.

Do students have to be set on a career in pediatrics to join?

PP: No, students do not need to be set on a specialty in order to be members. AAP-PAC is a club that enables students explore the world of pediatrics, or even just spend time with a great population!

What does AAP-PAC do throughout the year?

AC: We host Ball for Babies, a fun, student basketball tournament that raises money for our organization, along with a pediatric physical event where students learn how to conduct a pediatric physical and hang out with kids for an hour — which is always a fun break. We also bring in various pediatricians so they can share their journey and reasons for choosing this specialty.

Why do you encourage students to join AAP-PAC?

AC: It’s a great opportunity to explore the field of pediatrics and have fun with your fellow students. Even if you are not sure if pediatrics is for you, we still would love you to join our group!

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