Get to Know NEOMED’s Ultrasound Interest Group

When rising second-year College of Medicine students Benjamin Kiesling and Vincent Serapiglia were approached about starting the Ultrasound Interest Group, the two jumped at the opportunity to familiarize themselves with NEOMED’s new equipment.

Kiesling, one of the two co-founders, tells us more about the new group.

What inspired you to start the Ultrasound Interest Group?

BK: Vincent Serapiglia and I were approached by Dana Peterson, Ph.D., professor of anatomy, when NEOMED received new ultrasound equipment recently. We decided to start the interest group so that we -- and other students – can learn more about ultrasound, which is one of the most commonly used imaging techniques.

Why do you encourage your peers to join?

BK: Students should join this organization if they are interested in the applications of ultrasound technology or if they want hands-on experience in ultrasound usage.

What kinds of ultrasound-related activities can prospective members expect?

BK: We plan to host several hands-on activities throughout the year to learn how to perform, read and interpret ultrasounds. We also plan to show how ultrasounds can relate to possible pathologies or normal anatomy. With help from a first-year emergency medicine resident and potentially from other physicians or technicians, we hope to have events focused on practical experience, designed to help all of us learn more about how ultrasounds can be used, how to administer them and how to interpret them.

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