Get to Know Phi Lambda Sigma

NEOMED’s Phi Lambda Sigma Gamma Phi chapter recently inducted 21 College of Pharmacy students, one faculty member and one honorary member into the pharmacy honor society.

Rachel Johnson, a rising fourth-year College of Pharmacy student and PLS president, shares more about the organization.

What do you like most about PLS?

RJ: I love that PLS is a group where you can do a lot and have a huge impact without having a large time commitment. We love having our members be as committed and involved as possible (and we do have a couple of mandatory participation events) but overall, students can be as involved as they like.

Tell us more.

RJ: PLS is a pharmacy leadership society. Our chapter focuses on choosing students from within our peer group – both established leaders and those who wish to grow their leadership skills. Potential members may apply and interview to be inducted into the group during an open application period twice a year. Membership is voted on by all current members of PLS. In addition to recognizing leaders, we have many great leadership opportunities available within the group.

How can students become members of PLS?

RJ: Here are the steps to becoming a PLS member:

  1. Watch your email for our invitation to apply in both the fall and spring.
  2. Don't be overwhelmed when you look at the application. Yes, it's several pages long, but the essays are very short (around 250 words) and once you get started, we promise that it doesn't take too long to fill in.
  3. Attend the on-campus interview by our interview committee. These interviews are how we get to know you more and ask any additional questions we may have after reviewing your application.
  4. Membership will vote a couple of weeks after the interviews and you will be notified the day of the vote.
  5. If for some reason you are not voted in during your first application, don't be discouraged. We want you to grow, and we offer mentorship opportunities to help you do that. We encourage you to then apply again during the next round.

What type of outreach does PLS do?

RJ: We are involved in several community service events and host on-campus events to help develop our member’s leadership skills. Each year we do a toy drive around the holidays for Akron Children's Hospital. We also participate by designing and donating a wreath to the Akron Children's Hospital Holiday Tree Festival. In addition we work with other organizations, such as A Kid Again, by providing our time to help with the organization’s current projects and activities.

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