Get to Know Physicians for Human Rights

Physicians for Human Rights is a U.S.-based, not-for-profit human rights organization that strongly relies on those in the medical and science fields to advocate for people around the world.

Erin Burrier, a rising third-year College of Medicine student and past president of Physicians for Human Rights, tells us about NEOMED’s chapter of the national organization.

Why do you encourage students to join your organization?

EB: Joining Physicians for Human Rights offers students great opportunities to educate their peers on important topics and volunteer opportunities that benefit the most marginalized members in our communities.

On a local level, how does NEOMED’s chapter of Physicians for Human Rights lend a hand to those in need?

EB: Locally, Physicians for Human Rights strives to empower and support the community in documenting and preventing human rights violations. We organize campus food drives and also hold events to educate NEOMED students about homelessness, domestic violence and other struggles our future patients may face. On a global scale, we also recently sent clothes abroad to aid Syrian refugees.

What does NEOMED’s chapter of Physicians for Human Rights stand for?

EB: Our mission statement is "To mobilize health professionals to advance health, dignity, and justice, promoting the right to health for all."

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