Get to Know Simon Robins

Meet Simon Robins, reference librarian in the Kohli Academic and Information Technology Center.

Tell us about yourself, Simon!

SR: I’m originally from the Pacific Northwest – Portland, Oregon. I was born and raised there. I did my undergraduate work in Oregon, then I went to library school at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

I come to NEOMED from a year-long placement at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

What does a reference librarian do?

SR: In addition to being physically present in the library to support any students, staff or faculty who need any help, I am here to help with research consultations and reference searches.

Say a faculty member needs a set of references that speaks towards a particular topic they’re interested in. They can fill out a form and I will do that search for them. I’ve also already helped a handful of students with research for their evidence-based medicine courses.

I’m a huge proponent of tracking research, helping researchers communicate what they’ve been accomplishing through their research and also making what has already been published more readily available to them.

What led you to the library field?

SR: I didn’t always see myself working in a library but when I was an undergraduate I was exposed to academic librarians and realized that would be a potential career path.

As clichéd as it is, I was raised to always use the public library, so I’m a huge public library advocate and I think that’s probably what appeals to me the most.

Welcome to Northeast Ohio! Have you found any favorite spots?

SR: I really like Akron’s public libraries and Highland Square. Akron is a charming city.

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