Get to Know the NEOMED Compounding Club

The NEOMED Compounding Club is new to campus, and its founders are ready to hit the ground running in the fall.

Raneem Alayoubi, a rising second-year College of Pharmacy student and president of NEOMED’s Compounding Club, tells us about NEOMED’s newest student organization.

The NEOMED Compounding Club is relatively new, correct?

RA: Yes! We will be active on campus starting this fall. The term “compounding” refers to the process of custom-formulating a prescription to the patient’s specific needs, whether the patient is human or another species. The mission of the NEOMED Compounding Club is to orient students to the practice of compounding pharmacy and encourage the skill development necessary to function as a compounding pharmacist. Liz Fredrickson, Pharm.D. (‘14), who is the director of the Pharmacy Practice Lab and assistant professor of pharmacy practice, and Charles Cather, R.Ph., who is the director of experiential education and assistant professor of pharmacy practice, will be our advisers.

What inspired you to introduce the NEOMED Compounding Club to campus?

RA: During my first semester at NEOMED, I always looked forward to working in the Pharmacy Practice Lab, where we had the opportunity to compound different products each week. Working in the lab was a perfect break from studying and exams. It was such a stress relief for me and I loved everything about it!

That experience sparked my interest in compounding and led me to consider possible career pathways. Dr. Fredrickson asked me if I would be interested in starting the NEOMED Compounding Club with her and I was honored. I want to learn more about the field and share my passion for compounding with my peers.

What type of activities can members expect your group to offer?

RA: Members will have the opportunity to learn more about the role of compounding pharmacists, as well as different career opportunities within this field. We plan to invite guest speakers and have different hands-on compounding activities where members can work in the lab to learn different skills and techniques. Students who join will also receive a free membership to the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists.

Why should students join the NEOMED Compounding Club?

RA: Students who join the NEOMED Compounding Club will gain knowledge of a growing field in pharmacy, learn new compounding skills and techniques, meet new students and have an opportunity to get involved in our community service. We cannot wait to meet everyone in the fall! Please stop by and say hi during the Student Organization Fair.

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