Get to Know Women in NEOMED

Meet Women in NEOMED, an employee resource group that focuses on all things female.

In 2014, Women in NEOMED was launched to empower women faculty and staff as leaders in academia, clinical care and research. The organization is an employee-led group, with support from the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, that serves as a resource for the NEOMED community. Whether its members are discussing gendered communication styles, leadership pathways for women in medicine, the role women of in politics and public policy, work-life balance or caring for elderly parents, Women in NEOMED strives to welcome everyone.

“We are focused on issues that disproportionately affect women, but we don’t want men to feel like they can’t participate; we want this to be an open group that contributes to a culture of inclusivity,” says Natalie Bonfine, Ph.D., an assistant professor of psychiatry and co-chair of the group. Women in NEOMED advocates for women’s issues, mentorship, professional networking and leadership development. Women in NEOMED also works to advance their health initiative, which focuses on women’s heart health. From holding a CPR class and leading a Wellness Wednesday Group Walk to promoting Go Red for Women day on February 2, Women in NEOMED is dedicated to making a positive difference in women’s lives.

 “There are not requirements for membership," says Janel Koellner, assistant director of faculty development and co-chair of Women in NEOMED. “It’s kind of like an à la carte menu of what you want to become involved in.”

Whether you are male or female, faculty or staff, Women in NEOMED invites you to its next meeting, March 15, from noon to 1p.m. in the Regula Training Room. For more information, contact Dr. Bonfine at, or Janel Koellner at

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