Golden Reflections, the podcast, releases first episodes

In honor of 50 years of NEOMED, ‘Golden Reflections,’ a new podcast, explores the history of the University through the words of those who lived it. This retrospective series features interviews with former administrators, faculty and students dating back to the institution's founding in 1973.

The first episode, titled Humble Beginnings, features some of the visionary pioneers who laid the foundation for the University, including James Boex, Ph.D., former associate dean, C. William Keck, M.D., professor emeritus, Mark Savickas, Ph.D., professor emeritus, and Philip W. Westerman, Ph.D., professor emeritus.

This initiative not only enhances accessibility to NEOMED’s history but also fosters a sense of community among listeners, connecting individuals across disciplines and generations. With the release of its first episode, the University invites students, faculty, alumni and the community to tune in, engage with thought-provoking content and join the conversation.

Golden Reflections is hosted by Lindsay Loftus, senior director of principal gifts. David Vitatoe, senior director of alumni relations, is the producer.

Listen to the first two episodes now on Spotify.

Be on the lookout for future episodes featuring more interviews exploring the history of NEOMED.

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