Health Care Transformation Ideator Competition

Join us for the first annual Healthcare Transformation Ideator co-hosted by UH Ventures and NEOMED. This event will be held at the Bounce Innovation Hub in Akron on June 1-2.

During this exclusive competition, innovation teams will develop solutions for a chance to win prizes as well as funding for projects that result from The Ideator. The program welcomes multi-disciplinary leaders and innovators from University Hospitals and NEOMED into an intensive two-day competition to conceive, refine and ultimately pitch a new tech-enabled idea to a panel of judges and an audience made up of technologists, health care experts and investors from Northeast Ohio.

The first year of the Ideator will focus on the multi-factorial challenges associated with maternal and infant mortality (including food insecurity, inequitable access, care delivery challenges, postpartum complications, etc.).

Register now. This link will automatically enroll you for the Friday afternoon competition pitch session. If you are planning to come both days and observe or participate in the event, please use the code IDEATOR2023 at registration.

Have questions? Contact Lacey Madison at

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