Help Available to Design Online Courses

Instructional designer Pamela Roeper helps to create and enhance online course materials     

Online courses have made life easier for students to learn on their own schedule, from any distance. But what about faculty members who are not so tech-savvy? This could lead to an issue where faculty are spending valuable time trying to learn how to create online courses rather than using that time to help create transformational leaders.

Fortunately, faculty members have somewhere to turn for help – NEOMED’s instructional designer, Pamela Roeper. In her own words, Roeper’s main duties are creating and enhancing online course materials.

Her assistance may come in a variety of ways, depending on the specific needs of the faculty member. For instance, if a course included a section on the optic nerve, Roeper would create visually appealing materials. She also can clean up images or videos taken by the faculty to be included in course materials. In all cases, Roeper meets with faculty members to gain a better understanding of their needs and provide personalized service. 

Any faculty member – both Rootstown-based and clinical – can submit a ticket to request Roeper’s assistance.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Visit and select | AIMS & Educational Application Support Request​ at the top of the page.
  • Select either Canvas Instructional Design or Cornerstone: Instructional Design to start the ticket process.
  • Include in the description the type of product you are interested in, or whether you are unsure and would like to discuss options.
  • Roeper will connect with the requester to create a product that helps them achieve their instructional or training goal – whether as simple as an animated gif for a PowerPoint, or as complex as a full online training module with video and gamification.
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