Here's the Latest Research, Development and Grant Writing Newsletter

Highlights of the February 2022 edition of Research Development and Grant Writing News, published by Academic Research Funding Strategies, LLC, include:

The New Research Agenda for the National Endowment for the Arts, 2022-2026 – NEA’s Office of Research and Analysis has released its new research agenda; we discuss this new agenda and what it says about future funding.

Let NIH/NIAID Write Your Winning Proposal for You...and it is surprisingly legal! – We list the wealth of resources on the NIAID website to help you write your NIH proposal.

Overview of the New Quantum Workforce Development Plan – Reports from the U.S. National Science and Technology Council can help researchers anticipate future funding. We discuss what a recently released report tells us about what’s in store for Quantum Information Science and Technology workforce development.

Confusion Over the Meaning of the Research Narrative Is Usually the Author’s Fault – It’s the PI’s job to make sure the research narrative answers key questions in a way that’s understandable to reviewers. We discuss those questions.

Don’t Forget the Key Part of Your Proposal’s Management Plan Is Managing the Research –  Having a strong management plan is critical to the success of large projects. That’s why reviewers will scrutinize in detail how you plan to manage your team, resources, and research. We discuss what reviewers and funders are looking for.

How a Good Website Can Help Faculty Win Grants – It’s important that program officers and potential collaborators can find you, and that they get a good impression when they do. We discuss how a good research website can help (reprinted from May 2018).

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