Honoring NEOMED’s Own

Ruth Schlabach, who had retired less than a week earlier, attended NEOMED’s annual recognition event not realizing that she would be honored  that day with the Mary Jane Kelly Award for Service Excellence.

She was one in the crowd of faculty, staff, friends and family who had assembled at the Grand Ballroom March 20. Andre Burton, vice president for human resources and diversity, welcomed the group, which cheered on those being honored.

Heartfelt tributes

Comments from the nominators touched on the many accomplishments of those being honored, as well as the personal qualities that make them stand out.

Schlabach was praised for her willingness to go above and beyond in her work as. (now former) senior executive assistant in the President’s Office.

Julie Stier, administrative coordinator in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, was noted for her outstanding community service in tirelessly assisting the SOAR Student-Run Free Clinic, through which NEOMED medicine and pharmacy students provide free health care services to the community. Members of the Glenn Saltzman family attended and saw her honored with the Saltzman Community Service Award.

In presenting Margarita Kokinova, Ph.D., the Olson/Blair Award for Administrative Excellence, Michelle Mulhern, chief of staff, noted Dr. Kokinova’s outstanding continuing leadership on the University’s strategic plan and her excellent oversight leading to the successful completion of the Higher Learning Commission report. Mulhern added how much colleagues appreciate Dr. Kokinova’s “no-drama demeanor.”

Mark Munetz, M.D., The Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation Endowed Chair in Psychiatry, noted that Natalie Bonfine, Ph.D., honored with a Junior Faculty Award, is the only person who has worked in three centers of excellence in the Department of Psychiatry. Dr. Bonfine has become highly regarded for her complex, cross-disciplinary research concerning people with severe mental illness who are involved in the criminal justice system, said Dr. Munetz.  

When Moses Oyewumi, Ph.D., associate professor of pharmaceutical science, presented Christine Crish, Ph.D., with a Junior Faculty Award, he noted a statement from a nominator who called her research on linking decreased bone density with the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease “exciting, novel and impactful.” Dr. Oyewumi said Dr. Crish was recognized by students for being “passionate, organized, supportive and kind.”

John Boltri, M.D., professor and chair of the Department of Family and Community Medicine, presented the Outstanding Faculty Research Award to Paul J. Hartung, Ph.D., professor of family and community medicine. Dr. Boltri noted that over a 25-year career at NEOMED, Dr. Hartung has established himself as a national and international expert in vocational psychology and career development, with many publications to his credit. Dr. Boltri also saluted Dr. Hartung for his fine work in helping NEOMED students through a thoughtful process of choosing their career path. 

Employees recognized for years of service

John Chiang, Ph.D., professor of integrative medical sciences, topped off the list, chalking up an impressive 40 years of service to NEOMED, while Joanne Fabick – administrative coordinator in the Department of Family and Community Medicine – and Sharon Usip – senior laboratory coordinator in anatomy/neurobiology – each marked 30 years.

Whale awards, through which faculty and staff can recognize another NEOMED employee for exceeding expectations, were presented to the following employees: Angela Bennett, Jan Divoky, Bill Gibson and Thomas Scovell.

2018 Award Winners

2018 Mary Jane Kelly Award for Service Excellence

Ruth Schlabach, senior executive administrative assistant, Office of the President

2018 Saltzman Community Service Award

Julie A. Stier, administrative coordinator, Department of Family and Community Medicine

2018 Olson/Blair Award for Administrative Excellence

Margarita D. Kokinova, executive director, Office of Institutional Strategic Plan

2018 Junior Faculty Awards

Christine Crish, Ph.D., assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences

Natalie Bonfine, Ph.D., assistant professor of Psychiatry

2018 Liebelt-Wheeler Award for Faculty Excellence

George Litman, M.D., volunteer supervisor, professor emeritus of internal medicine

2018 Outstanding Faculty Research Award

Paul Hartung, Ph.D., professor of family and community medicine

Employee Service Recognition

5 Years

  • Debra Donzella
  • Janet Holliday
  • Teriah White
  • Rebecca Fischbein
  • Sonja Harris-Haywood
  • Dana Peterson
  • Lindsey McLaughlin
  • Mary Starbuck
  • Cristina Basaran
  • Shari Snyder Pollack
  • Nona Hose
  • Stephanie Hammond
  • Christina LoCascio
  • Nichole Ammon
  • Lisa Berry
  • Tersina Sweitzer
  • Hope Ball
  • Rebecca German
  • Kathleen DeSimio
  • Marian Fox
  • Stanley Dannemiller
  • Craig Eynon
  • James Johnson
  • Elliot Reed
  • Nick Arbogast
  • Jared Slanina
  • Brian McDonald
  • Matthew Coury
  • Philip DeAngelo
  • David Waugh
  • Francois Gould
  • Jacob Ress
  • Daniel Blain
  • Alexander Hoffman
  • Brian Hoffmaster
  • Cynthia King

10 Years

  • Lori Ramsey
  • Janel Koellner
  • Liya Yin
  • Dori Parker
  • Carolyn Miller
  • Patricia Thornborough
  • Shelley Bojo
  • Susan Bruce
  • Margie Haubert
  • Tobin Hieronymus
  • Yoon-Kwang Lee
  • Scott Wisneski
  • John Gape
  • Patrick Grealis
  • Daniel Krinsky
  • Yanqiao Zhang
  • Lorans Jones
  • Bhavin Mistry
  • Chris Paxos

15 Years

  • June Yun
  • Lisa Noland
  • Deborah Loyet
  • Julie Aultman
  • Colleen Sowick
  • Alexander Galazyuk
  • Ronald McGrady
  • Brian Powell

20 Years

  • Michele Rosenberger
  • Tracy Meffert
  • Laura Colwell
  • Megan Storey-Workley
  • Susan Feiock
  • Paul Lecat

25 Years

  • Wendy Withey
  • Deborah Heeter
  • Hans Thewissen
  • Dennis Barnes

30 Years

  • Joanne Fabick
  • Sharon Usip

40 Years

  • John Chiang

--Employee list submitted by Caitlin Sivec, Human Resources

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