How Does NEOMED Create Transformational Leaders?

How does NEOMED help create transformational leaders?

That question was posed to several members of the NEOMED community in a series of video vignettes — brief videos featuring alumni, faculty, staff and students from across the University — available on the NEOMED YouTube channel.

The video series highlights some of the ways in which members of the NEOMED community contribute to the creation of transformational leaders. It also explores definitions of transformational leadership and shares insights on achieving work-life balance.

So how did the community answer the question?

Greg Koman, program coordinator in the Office of Graduate Education, summed it up as follows: “NEOMED can help students become everything they never thought they could be.”

In her video interview, Mariquita Belen, M.D., FAAFP, associate professor of family and community medicine, said, “As a collaborative leader, I make sure everybody is heard and empower them… everybody is important.”

John Boltri, M.D., FAAFP, professor and chair of Family and Community Medicine, shared, “Many years ago, my father said ‘why do you want to go into medical education? And I recall my answer, which was the opportunity to impact not just hundreds of patients, but many thousands or tens of thousands. We have the opportunity at NEOMED as leaders to improve the lives of all the patients that our medical students and other learners will be serving throughout their lives.”

“My favorite part of this job is mentoring,” enthused Heather O’Leary, Ph.D., assistant professor of Integrative Medical Sciences. “I love when they (students) stop in to say ‘Hey, this really cool thing happened in my life’ or ‘I have a concern. Can you help me organize it?’”

Watch the playlist to see these and other responses.

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