In the News: A Focus on Rural Medicine

Michael (Mike) Sevilla, M.D. ('98), practices medicine in rural Salem, Ohio. He recently discussed the shortage of physicians in rural areas with Spectrum 1 News.

“My biggest concern is that maybe a lot of communities moving forward are not going to have a physician in their local community and they’re going to have to drive hundreds of miles to get medical care," he said.

The number of physicians serving rural areas is significantly lower than it is in urban areas, noted President John Langell, who was also interviewed for the story. "And the level of care they are getting is significantly diminished. You don't tend to have large health centers with specialists present in those areas."

Watch Salem doctor weighs in on physician shortage in rural Ohio on Spectrum 1 News.

Learn more about NEOMED's Rural Medical Education Pathway program, which was developed to address the issue.


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