Know Your Acronyms (KYA): IPM

At NEOMED, we love acronyms! Here’s the twelfth in our series to help you decode them.

If you’re interested in the discovery, development, formulation, delivery, pharmacologic and toxicologic evaluation, registration and scientific monitoring of drug entities for the benefit of public health, the Integrated Pharmaceutical Medicine program could be for you.

Master of science and doctoral degrees are both available; so are M.D./Ph.D and Pharm.D/Ph.D. degrees. What would you study? Principles of Drug Action. Cellular Signaling. Pharmaceutical Medicine Research Methods. Statistics (emphasis on biostatistics). Medical Pharmacology. Those are a few of the courses.

When Tori Czech, Pharm.D. (’16), and Ph.D. candidate in the Integrative Pharmaceutical Medicine (IPM) Graduate Program, was awarded a research grant, she told The Pulse, “I was inspired to pursue a Ph.D., in addition to my Pharm.D., because I have always wanted to be a researcher. And while there are many job opportunities for people with Pharm.D.s in the research field, there are even more options for people who hold both degrees.”

Small research grants are available to both master’s and doctoral degree-seeking students in the program. The grants provide opportunities for NEOMED students to fund their research, under the supervision of a faculty mentor.

Contact program director Denise Inman, Ph.D.,, for more information.  

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