Know Your Acronyms (KYA): RCACI

At NEOMED, we love acronyms! Here’s the eleventh in our series to help you decode them.

The Revitalized Curriculum and Academic Calendar Initiative, better known as RCACI, is a current effort by NEOMED to update and improve its curriculum and academic calendar for the 2019-2020 academic year, when the changes go into effect. These efforts are being led by the RCACI committee, whose members represent  all three Colleges, Enrollment Services, Student Affairs, and additional areas throughout the University.

These efforts will result in many changes, with the educational experience for the students foremost in mind. For example, 16-week semesters will become standard to create a shorter academic year, meaning students will have more time to focus on residency matches, research opportunities or just taking more time to rest between years. The new curriculum is being designed to have a larger focus on interprofessional and experiential training.

By the way, committee members pronounce the acronym as ‘’racy’’—pretty exciting for a university initiative!

Learn more about RCACI, and check back for regular updates as more details become available.  

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