Lock it Down with Strong Passwords and Password Managers

Some helpful tips from Compliance and Risk Management:

Creating passwords

Make long, unique pass phrases. A strong pass phrase is a sentence that is at least 14 characters long and will help keep you and your data secure. According to idtheftcenter.org, “Studies have found that a password’s ‘guessability’ by hacking software decreases exponentially with every additional character.”

Creating a pass phrase that is easy to remember but hard to guess is key to a successful password. Incorporate a favorite movie title, quote, song title or your favorite sports player into your password and it becomes more difficult to determine.

Storing your passwords

You'll often hear about creating a secure password, but how do you keep your unique, secure passwords secure? A password manager app can help you remember (or forget) passwords. A password manager is a secure vault for all your passwords — like a glorified password notebook but a lot more secure! You only need to remember one password, allowing you and your computer to access the rest of your passwords for all your logins. This also means you can (and should!) create different passwords for each account; this way, if one account is compromised, the rest of your accounts remain secure.

- submitted by Jonathan Wagner, co-director of compliance and risk management, Business Strategy, Innovation and Purchasing
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