Unsung Heroes: Matthew Smith

My colleagues and I would like to nominate Matthew Smith, Ph.D., co-director, Integrated Pharmaceutical Medicine Graduate Program, as an Unsung Hero. Here is why:

Andrea Arias-Alvarado, Ph.D. candidate – "I appreciate Dr. Smith’s openness, honesty and genuine care toward everyone in the IPM program. He fosters a positive environment, he has gone out of his way to create a summer microscopy and imaging course for us, and his dedication to our success is unwavering."

Trae Hillyer, Ph.D. candidate – "Dr. Smith has worked one-on-one with each of us to help identify our research interests, choose relevant courses and gain new lab techniques. He even went out of his way to help me through the IPM program while I fulfill my military obligations by ensuring that I optimize my time away.”

Gabrielle Robinson, Ph.D. candidate – "Dr. Smith has been a pivotal advocate and mentor for us in the IPM program. He has an open-door policy and is always willing to help in any capacity that he can. When I first joined the program, I moved to Ohio from the Bahamas, and Dr. Smith helped me from day one with onboarding and gaining access to various lab spaces, among other things.”

Laila Almassri, Ph.D. candidate – "Dr. Smith always makes time for us and goes the extra step. I recently missed one of his classes, and when I stopped by his office to ask a question about the PowerPoint, he pulled the slides up and walked me through the entire lecture to make sure I was caught up." 

- nominated by Laila Almassri

To nominate someone to be featured, send an email to thepulse@neomed.edu with the words “Unsung Hero” in the subject line. Tell us a little about your nominee – just a sentence or two about what they are doing to bolster our University and/or the community.


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