Medicine Student Rommel Morales Named AMA-MSS Mentor of the Year

Rommel Morales, a third-year student in the College of Medicine, has welcomed opportunities to mentor others for as long as he can remember. He has been a chemistry and math tutor, an active volunteer in student-led organizations since his undergraduate years, and has helped link students to professional networks whenever he can.

“If we can imagine that we all got to where we are now through the support of others, then it’s no surprise that I prioritize supporting everyone as much as I’m able to,” he said.

His dedication to mentorship has not gone unnoticed.

At its 2023 Physician Summit Summit held in January, the American Medical Association Medical Student Section (AMA-MSS) named Morales Mentor of the Year for 2022.

Morales serves as chair of AMA-MSS Region 5, which includes Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and West Virginia. “My philosophy thus far has always been about the journey and the efforts I take to support the 20+ schools of the five states in our region,” he said. “Receiving the award has been heartwarming and a definitive motivator for our continued work.”

As an AMA-MSS mentor, Rommel has been involved in conference activities (“helping new attendees become accustomed to the programming and logistics of our national meetings”), a team leader for the AMA-MSS House of Delegates Coordination Committee and guided membership in assessing and critiquing resolutions for potential acceptance in health policy. As Region 5 Chair, he continually links members to financial, leadership and networking opportunities.

Morales credits many of his mentoring skills to his own mentors, like Joseph Zarconi, M.D., professor of internal medicine, Melina Kibbe, M.D., dean of University of Virginia School of Medicine, and Wai Hong Wilson Tang, M.D., research director and staff cardiologist in the Section of Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplantation Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic.

Through them, he learned the value of empathizing with mentees’ life experiences and being there for them in the best way you can.

He says, “I’m happy to mentor anyone who needs it! If I can be helpful, I’m not shy to offer advice and guidance to others.”


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