Medicine Students Connect with Physicians at 'Specialty Speed Dating' Event

It may not always happen in a blaze of fireworks, but at some point all students in the M.D. program have to declare a specialty – ideally one that they will pursue for the rest of their careers. It’s often a decision for which there are more questions than answers.

The Specialty Speed Dating Dinners, held on Tuesday, March 21, and Thursday, March 23, was an experience for students to bring those many questions and hopefully leave with some answers. Sponsored by the College of Medicine and the Academy of Medicine of Cleveland and Northern Ohio, the event drew 50 community and faculty physicians – including 20 alumni – in 23 specialties and 108 students.

Students were eager to learn more about the various specialties.

“I’m hoping to gain experience or insight into the specialties,” said Nathan Abdelnour (M1). He stated he doesn’t have a specific specialty in mind for the future, though he is particularly interested in internal medicine.

“I really want to get a better idea of what specialties are out there,” said Caleigh Hitchcock (M1). “It’s easy to get disconnected from the clinic aspect when you are in the classroom all the time. I want to learn anything I can from the physicians who gave their time.”

The dinner, designed with a “speed dating” format, seats physicians at individual tables labeled with their medical specialty. Medical students rotated around to each table, given 6 minutes to gain an overview of that specialty and ask any questions. By the end of the hour and a half session, students gained valuable information about many different specialties and established potentially valuable contacts as their careers evolve.

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