Mental Health Committee Welcomes Ideas

How can we help students feel happy, secure and cared for as they pursue challenging goals and degrees in competitive fields? What activities, events and services work the best to promote mental health and wellness for the entire University community?

As members of the Mental Health Committee, chaired by Russell Spieth, Ph.D., NEOMED faculty, staff and students meet each month to connect the dots between all of the work being done, University-wide, in asking and answering these important questions. Members represent areas including the Center for Student Wellness and Counseling Services, the Department of Psychiatry, Student Affairs, marketing communications and more.

Like a good health professional, the Committee seeks to look after the mental health and wellness needs of our University community in a holistic way. Students on the committee speak up about their concerns and schedules, and this umbrella group works together, stepping out from individual areas to plan together under the leadership of Dr. Spieth, a licensed psychologist and senior consultant trainer in motivational interviewing.

It’s official!

After five years of meeting informally, with support from the deans of the three Colleges, the Mental Health Committee is now official, written into the University bylaws. NEOMED Cares is a campus-wide campaign led by the Mental Health Committee to promote awareness of mental health and wellness resources, educational opportunities and access to help throughout the campus community. That web page aggregates resources University-wide, sorted into resources for students and resources for faculty and staff, making it easy to find what you need.

So, if you’re a student attending Destress Week activities, you should know that people around a table were thinking of you, comparing notes on these events.

Anyone who has suggestions for the Mental Health Committee is welcome to send them to To schedule a time to sit in on a monthly meeting, contact Russell Spieth,

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