M4 Pandey Earns National Family Medicine Leadership Award

Congratulations to rising M4 student, Jamie Pandey!

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) Foundation awarded Pandey with their 2022 Leadership Project Award.

Pandey was selected for her engagement in the Family Medicine Leads, Emerging Leader Institute in academic year 2021-22. Only nine awardees were selected across the country and Pandey was part of the "Philanthropic and Mission Driven" leadership track.

Pandey's project was titled "Motivational Interviewing: A Scaffold for Building Empathetic Future Physicians."

She applied and was nominated by the Department of Family and Community Medicine's Director of Primary Care Education, Mike Appleman, M.A. Ed.

Additionally, Assistant Professor Kristen Knepp, Ph.D., was Pandey's project mentor and had this to say about her work: "Jamie is very passionate about Motivational Interviewing (MI) and sharing it with others. As an M2 student, she developed the idea to start a periodic learning group for interested students to meet, in which we would discuss and practice MI. She helped other students develop their MI skills, including the current rising M2s. In March 2022, the Patient Physician and Community (PPC) 3 course held two mandatory half-day workshops on motivational interviewing, and Jamie volunteered to spend the entire day in the workshop helping the M1 students. In addition, she has been delivering workshops on MI to undergraduate Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Scholars this spring. I’ve continually been impressed with her dedication – both to MI as a practice and to her teaching skills, with helping fellow students become comfortable and competent with MI’s techniques."

As a result of this award, Pandey will present her leadership project at the AAFP National Conference in Kansas City on July 28-30.

-- Submitted by Michael Appleman, director of primary care education in the Department of Family and Community Medicine

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