NEOMED COVID-19 Vaccination Rate Update

As of Thursday, Oct. 21, the COVID-19 vaccination rates at NEOMED stood at 98% for students and 94% for faculty and staff.

Here’s how the numbers break down: P1s, M3s, M4s and Modern Anatomical Sciences degree program students remain steady at 100%. P2s follow at 99%, then M1s and P3 at 98%. Next are M2s and P4s at 97%.

Among employees, 30 are unvaccinated/undisclosed, with 444 of NEOMED’s 474 employees vaccinated. The overall employee vaccination rate is 94%.

The COVID Response Team reported that since the last report on October 14, there have been three positive student cases and two positive employee cases. The cumulative total of student cases is 90. The cumulative total of employee cases is 47.

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